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Alice Paul was a significant leader for fighting for women’s right to vote, because her braver and she had not given up. I have chosen to study Alice Paul, because she was a strong and brave women. When she was older her mother had brought Alice along to National American Women Suffrage Association to the meeting, and Alice enjoyed them.The NAWSA was supporting equal rights and the vote for women. That is exactly Alice Paul what Alice Paul did in her later life time. This group is what had started every thing she had done. Alice never would have thought this is what she would be doing in her later years. Alice went to the college Swarthmore. She went to college, and got a diploma as a biology major, but she did not enjoy doing it.She then became a social worker, because she wanted to help people. She then decided “You couldn’t change the situation by social work.” She told her mother. She then found a group of women fighting for their rights, and thats how she found out it is for her. She then went back to college this time for doing sociology. Then she knew she would be helping people, something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She knew it would be difficult, but she still did. Her leadership was when she had lead the women to have …show more content…

She worked hard for years, and so did many women’s and they got what they wanted. The right to vote. In 1920 all American women had gotten the right to vote. She knew she could do it (especially with all the other women). Alice had done anything to get the right vote, and she did. Alice Paul’s actions had brought women the right to vote. I believe if you work hard and believe you can do it (like Alice Paul) you can do anything. If Alice Paul and many other women gave up women may not have had the vote.That is how women got all American women the right to vote because of Alice Paul not giving up, and all the other women

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