Alienation In Brave New World

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Alienation can occur when there is an experience of isolation from a group, that is caused by one’s self differences and the expectations of society. In the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley we can see that alienation happens to various character. In the World State the government does everything in their power to control their society, and they begin when they are created until their death. The government also prevents them from expressing their individuality. Some character’s experience alienation from people, society, and even from themselves. In Huxley’s book alienation lead to the character’s downfall.
In the beginning of the book we can see how Bernard Marx is the first of the many character who alienates himself and who is alienated from the World State because of his appearance. Bernard Marx was born an Alpha Plus,
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She was old, and overweight. No one wanted to be near her, or even have a glimpse of her. When she got there she didn’t pay much attention to the people, all she wanted was her drug, Soma. When a doctor took a look at her, he declares that Linda will die in about a month because she was taking a high amount of Soma. The was all right with that, because she was just a desolation to society. The only person who cared for Linda was her son, the person who had ruined her life. Linda ended up dying, drugged of Soma; in her happy state of mind. She dies with her son by her side.
In Brave New World we can see that those who do not meet the normal standards are alienated and isolated because of their individuality. Bernard Marx’s intellect and appearance leads him to act on impulse to become part of society, but he ends up removed and sent to an island. Linda’s morals from the World State cause her trouble, and does not allow her to function in the Savage Reservation. This causes her to become addicted to Soma, the only thing that can make her happy. Which lead her to her
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