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This research paper is about is there enough carbon dioxide in alka seltzer tablets to inflate a balloon. First, what is carbon dioxide? Carbon dioxide is what plants need to grow, it’s what humans exhale, and it’s a powerful gas. Carbon dioxide is also found in volcanoes like Mauna Loa, a volcano found in Hawaii. Air samples at Mauna Loa are collected every day, four times a day. They use a “Siemens Ultramat three nondispersive infrared gas analyzer with a water vapor freeze trap” to collect levels of carbon dioxide. Can one of these determine the amount of carbon dioxide in alka seltzer tablets? Possibly, but they are not readily available. Another way to test carbon dioxide levels is using the eddy covariance technique. This technique ascertains the exchange rate of carbon dioxide across the interface between the atmosphere and a planet canopy. The eddy covariance is …show more content…

The probable effect of the increasing global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration of agricultural yields was evaluated. A very accurate method for the determination for carbon dioxide and oxygen in our blood is described. The method depends upon the equilibration of a bubble of gas with blood at thirty seven degrees celsius (ninety eight point six fahrenheit ) and the analysis of the bubble for carbon dioxide and oxygen. The Roughton-scholander syringe is used both as the equilibration chamber and the bubble analysis, that means eliminating the necessity for transfer of the bubble. At sea-level, the accuracy of the technique by comparing the results with those of a tonometer technique. At simulated of seven thousand seven hundred to fourteen thousand seven

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