Comparing The Chemical Reaction Between Pop Rocks And Soda Drink

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Pop Rocks and soda have a very interesting chemical reaction with each other. Soda is a very pressurized drink that has carbon dioxide in it. Carbon dioxide is a pressurized chemical. When it is shaken, it fizzes, and causes pressure, and overflows releasing the carbon dioxide. It is similar to the Pop Rocks. The Pop Rocks have a very small amount of carbon dioxide in them. When the Pop Rocks are in your mouth they dissolve and the carbon dioxide is released making the pieces of candy explode in your mouth. When the Pop Rocks come in contact with the soda, the gas in the Pop Rocks escape after disolving and the carbon dioxide escapes from the liquid into the balloon. When this happens it causes the gas to make the balloon expand bigger and bigger until the air can escape. …show more content…

They bubble in water releasing the gas, but do not react in cooking oil because there is no carbon dioxide. They react best in whatever substance has the most carbon dioxide. That is why it reacts well in water, and soda. You can also do another experiment with Pop Rocks. This experiment is called jumping Pop Rocks. You first fill a glass with water that is 140 degrees fahrenheit. Then you pour the Pop Rocks into the glass. Since the Pop Rocks are infused with carbon dioxide they will tend to jump at the bottom of the glass, or maybe even reach the top of the glass once they dissolve. It is similar to other projects that include Pop Rocks. Once the candy dissolves the gas is released and the Pop Rocks react to whatever substance their

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