Alka Seltzer Lab Report

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First of all, an alka-seltzer is an a little tablet that helps with multiple pain. For example, alka-seltzer helps with migraines, headaches, sinus headaches, muscle pain, and symptoms of pain. Alka-seltzer contains aspirin, sodium, hydrogen carbonate, citric acid, natural flavors, and artificial flavors. These are just some of the ingredients. When an alka-seltzer dissolves it releases all of the medicine. Alka-seltzer is an easy pain killer. What makes an alka-seltzer dissolve? The formula for an alka-seltzer is 3HCO3−+3H+→3H2O+3CO2. This is what makes it dissolve. Sodium bicarbonate or baking ions react with hydrogen ions then mixes ions with water, carbon dioxide gas which is the fizz. Baking soda and citric acid mixed when dropped in the water, which causes a chemical reaction to happen. There are multiple components that make an alka-seltzer dissolve. …show more content…

During one experiment the results were, they found out that the higher the temperature of the water the faster the molecules will move and the lower the temperature the slower the molecules move. The molecules are what are make the alka-seltzer dissolve. So if they move slower the alka-seltzer dissolves slower, same as if the molecules move faster than the alka-seltzer will dissolve faster. Also according to a state science fair the results were that it took 19.53 seconds for the alka-seltzer to dissolve in hot water, 36.15 seconds for the alka-seltzer to dissolve in the warm water, and 96.17 seconds (1 minute and 36.17 seconds) for the alka-seltzer to dissolve in cold water. The alka-seltzer dropped in the cold water proved to dissolve the

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