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Perseverance: The American way of Journalism
The media works hard everyday to create new, interesting, and important stories for their readers, but most consumers don’t see the significant difficulties that the journalists, reporters, and others working in media face. The movie All the President’s Men depicts to the viewer the struggles Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein faced while trying to uncover the truth of the Watergate scandal through investigative reporting. Thanks to their hard work and perseverance, when all others tried to deny it, the truth of the Watergate scandal was revealed to the American people and the appropriate actions were taken to punish those who had participated in the crimes.
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They risked their lives. This story involved significant people who could cause the reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein a lot of trouble, but Woodward and Bernstein did whatever it took to get the information and sources they needed. Woodward communicated with his source Deep Throat through a red flag in his flower pot and The New York Times, and then they would meet in a parking garage late at night to obtain information. Woodward and Bernstein went door-to-door to peoples’ homes to interview them about who was involved in the Watergate scandal and where and how the money from the Committee to Re-elect the President was used. They did this, so the people being interviewed would feel safer and more comfortable sharing information, because they knew people were watching them. Another technique the duo used was to tell people information they were unsure of, but in a way that made them sound sure of themselves. If the person didn’t deny or correct Woodward’s and Bernstein’s statement, then the person they were interviewing had in a round about way confirmed the suspicions of Woodward and

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