Amazon Rainforest Research Paper

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Brazil contains a third of the Earth’s rainforests which makes it one of the most fascinating and beautiful regions in the world. Brazil’s rainforests devour an immense volume of the Earth’s carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into its atmosphere. However, when the trees of the rainforest are destroyed, they release carbon dioxide as greenhouse gases, which create enormous concerns for the Earth. It is abundantly clear that the well-being of the Amazon Rainforest is connected to the health of world. The Amazon Rainforest helps the world’s climate and deforestation of Amazon could have distressing consequences for the entire world.
The Amazon Rainforest covers a large region that includes eight countries of South America: Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Columbia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. The Amazon Rainforest shelters one in ten known species one the planet, …show more content…

These studies show that deforestation and climate change could threaten the rainforest through the 21st century.
Despite the fact that the generations of today will be dead by the time these catastrophic predictions come to be, preserving the Amazon rain forests still should be a priority to everyone on Earth. Protecting the rain forest that is left, replanting the deforested areas, and introducing new farming methods would be a wonderful start.
There are ways to save the rainforest of the Amazon. Scholars had long believed that tales of lost cities in the Amazon were impossible due to the fact that the land was to infertile to support a large population. There are new discoveries that have been made that suggest there were large populated cities and they were made possible by a special mixture of soil engineered by the native people of the

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