Amenhotep's Pharaoh: A Big Responsibility

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At all times the Pharaoh’s main role was to uphold Ma’at, the order of the universe of which Egypt was part. As supreme authority in the land all aspects of Egyptian like were the Pharaoh’s responsibility as chief priest of all religious cults, he made daily offering to the gods in the temple. Being a Pharaoh is a big role and a big responsibility.

In Egypt's 18th dynasty, Amenhotep (heqaiunuwas) his birth name, meaning "Amun is Pleased, Ruler of Heliopolis". W

as born to Thutmose III, who was his father and the sixth pharaoh of egypt. Amenhotep inherited the vast kingdom his father ruled at the age of 18, and reigned for 54 years total. He is generally recognized to have taken care of his military duties early on in his reign, and

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