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Fighting a war is difficult, especially when one leaves a wife and two small children behind to fight for their freedom. Chris Kyle, a husband, and father of two is deployed to Iraq as a SEAL sniper. There he earns the omnipotent name “The Legend” for the most confirmed kills in the history of the SEALS. Chris risks his life to save the lives of others. Connecting with Chris since he hunts animals and shoots guns, evaluating the death of fellow SEAL Marc Lee, and visualizing the city of Ramadi is simple since the author used great detail in the book American Sniper. Reading American Sniper, I connect with Chris since my father was deployed to Iraq when I was three years old and Chris and I both enjoy hunting and shooting guns. My father was…show more content…
Ramadi is a city located in Iraq and at the time of Chris’s deployment the most dangerous city in Iraq. I picture Ramadi as a very old city made up of tan brick buildings lining the streets. I see four or five story buildings with cracked windows and sheets covering them. The smell is extremely prominent in Ramadi: “The thin dust from the dirt roads mixed with the stench of the river and city as we came up into the village” (Kyle 254). The streets are empty since the civilians fled for safety. I also see insurgents hiding in the shadows of buildings waiting for American soldiers to appear and attack. Only skeletons remain of buildings from air strikes by American forces. Bodies of insurgents lay in the street from successful attacks by Americans. Furthermore, I visualize Shark Base, where SEAL Team 3 is located. I picture multiple large tents where men will stay during their time in Ramadi. Inside the tents are several bunk beds with many footlockers for the men to keep their belongings safe. In the dining hall there are giant long tables where soldiers eat their meals and relax. There is a large gym to workout in and stay in shape. I picture Shark Base as a smaller base near other small bases on the outskirts of Ramadi. I visualize the city of Ramadi and the Shark Base where SEAL Team 3 lives. While reading American Sniper, I connect with Chris Kyle when he is deployed

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