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Amul, one of India's most notable brand names post-independence period was established in 1946, 8 months before the freedom from England. The historical backdrop of Amul follows back to Anand, a little known town around then in State of Gujarat. Dr. Varghese Kurien, prevalently known as the Father of White Revolution joined the Kaira Union in 1951 as its General Manager and invested his energy helping the farmers settling machines utilized for sanitizing milk. By, getting included with the agriculturists he ended up noticeably mindful of their difficulties and their financial predicament he chose to enable them to work their dairy plant. Steadily by accentuation on innovation and preparing, helped the farmers in expanding the yield and the…show more content…
In any case, Kurien was not halting at this, he needed to unstick Polson as the main butter brand in Bombay, so he entrusted publicizing organization to make a promoting effort for the same. After much considerations, the "Amul Girl" was chosen as the face of the brand and a campaign and advertising was worked around her and the battle clicked with the group of onlookers and it turned into a fury. Amul turned into a noteworthy brand and the Polson family lost the fight to Amul. Over the time, the publicizing effort was updated and now it was chosen to relate the brand Amul with vital current happenings as it would make more noteworthy…show more content…
Variation in fresh milk procurement and logistic challenges created uncertainty in the market. 4. India’s large youth population moving away from dairy farming in favour of urban jobs is posing a question for future procurement. 5. The yield of Indian cattle was lower as compared to other dairy countries. 6. Increasing number of retailers in the country threatens company’s low cost sale strategy. Possible Solutions: • Strategies for overcoming competition- Pricing of the products should be lower as compared to competitors considering the quality and value for money. The cost of logistics and distribution can be reduced by entering into exclusive agreements with the distribution partners in order to retain them. Connecting with today’s youth by sponsoring popular sporting events and by providing academic supports to school children for further market penetration. • Improving the yield of existing farmers- some of the probable solutions to improve the yields would be i. Increasing payments to the farmers ii. Introducing programs that allow farmers to buy fortified feed and operate mobile veterinary units to improve fertility and milk production. iii. Improvement in breeding technology and imparting training to the

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