Amy Tan The Most Hateful Words Summary

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In the story “The Most Hateful Words” by Amy Tan says that is very important to forgive and forget. She was sixteen-year-old girl. Like many teenagers she said things from her mouth, but not from her heart. She told her mother she hated her and wished she was dead. They had an argument and her mother said she should maybe die. Her mother would have tried to kill herself. Amy’s mother would torment her after their arguments. Amy felt unloved by her mother, because of her actions towards her. As time passed Amy would not forget how her mother would humiliate her. She told herself she could never forgive her mother. When Amy was forty – seven she became a fiction writer. She had changed a lot from when she was a sixteen-year-old. She was writing a story about a girl and her mother. She received a phone call from her mother which was so unusual. Her mother had Alzheimer’s, that was the …show more content…

It’s even harder when the one that’s says the is a loved one, or is very important to you. Like the story “The most Hateful Words” Amy Tan said “I swore to myself I would never forget these injustices.” She would be humiliated by her sick mother, and would tell each other hurtful and hateful words, that she would never forget. Just like she would never forget those words she would never get the hate out of her. I know this because in the Amy said “I would store them, harden my heart, make myself as impenetrable as she was.” Amy store all the hate she received from her mother, and all those hateful words that made her not forgive. Forgiving when you know they hate you or don’t like you it’s difficult. To be able to forgive those that do bad to you, learning to forget is the first step. Just like Amy’s mother did before dying. She said “By then she had bequeathed to me her most healing word, as open and eternal as a clear blue sky.” Before Amy’s other died she had no more hateful words in her, but made her feel loved by her

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