An Analysis Of Annie Dillard's Push It

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Talent can be ruined by forcing someone to conform to the stereotypes of a job, thereby putting a metaphorical hat on them. The hat symbolizes the role a job plays in society and how a person of that occupation is supposed to act. By expecting someone to conform to the standards set by the hat, expectations and boundaries are created that can possibly limit someone’s potential. As an experienced writer, Annie Dillard has given first-hand advice on how to discard the metaphorical hat in her essay Push It. Throughout her essay, Dillard informs her readers that the hardships they encounter may seem like Goliath before David, but that persistence is better than perfection. The argument Dillard is making throughout Push It is that one can accomplish something worthwhile by pushing the boundaries that have been set for them and that they set for themselves. She does this by changing the syntax, tone, and punctuation of her essay. Changing minor details allows Dillard to maintain the reader’s attention due to them consistently anticipating the next change. Writing using her own syntax technique puts an emphasis on what Dillard wants the reader to pay specific attention to throughout her essays. The expectations a reader might have concerning Dillard’s writing, putting a “hat” on her, is pushed away by Dillard because she knows the importance of writing how she wants, thereby exceeding the expectations of her readers. Dillard understands what it is like to sit under the shadow

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