An Analytical Analysis Of Raymond's Run By Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker

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Raymond’s Run is about a girl named Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker who claims that she is the fastest person ever to run and that she can beat anybody. There is a race coming up for her community, Hazel has decided to compete once again, and despite the man running it hoping she would let someone else win, Hazel is in it to win the race. Hazel is running against a girl who is named Gretchen and has never beat Hazel but is very confident and has expressed her feelings about finally winning this year. During this quote in the prompt, Hazel is at the starting line up getting ready for the race, and while she is doing this, her older brother Raymond is on the sideline watching his sister warm up to compete. Hazel tells us that she never really …show more content…

The passage uses the word “the” seventeen different times and the word “and” 10 different times. I believe that the use of “the” that many times is to depict certain features of the passage. These features such as “the smell of the apples”, “… in the dirt and crouch over the Get on Your Mark, the dream goes away”. It also seems that the word “the” is only used when describing the dream Hazel is having, in the first part and the closing when the dream is finished, “the” is not used at all, it is left out. Even though these are small parts in the passage, it still gives a different perspective of when she is dreaming and when she is not by using “the” to help start each individual part in the dream. Also having the word “and” in the prompt 10 times in such a small passage shows that Hazel uses it to describe her dream. Whenever you describe something to someone you always end up saying “and” when you are connecting parts of the story, and that is what she is doing her in the segment of Raymond’s Run. This dream of Hazel’s is being told by Hazel’s perspective but uses the word “you” six times throughout it, which seems a little odd to me since this is Hazel’s dream and not the readers. Toni Cade Bambara may have included “you” into Hazel’s dream because reading the word “you” it gives the reader a higher chance of actually having the imagery of the scene occurring through their eyes and not just Hazel’s. The passages sentences are also reasonably long and most contain commas. These sentences in this passage makes the story seem less intense and serious but more relaxing. If the sentences were short and simple it would make it seem that Hazel was more serious and not as calm as she seems to be. It would also make it seem that Hazel was actually worried about Gretchen and the race. In the end of the passage she says, “Squeaky you must win, you must win, you are the fastest thing in

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