Diana And The Three Wonders By Francis Mccullough Analysis

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Written and Illustrated by Francis McCullough PART 1

''Diana is all the children are sitting in the living room?"
Diana mother ask.
"Yes mother." Diana reply.
Diana mother said, "Okay that is good Diana." Now! Please tell all the children the story that I told you last night.
"Alright beautiful mother," Diana said with a big smile on her little faces.''

(Narration note-. saying good bye to her mother and hanging up the telephone and then Diana said to all the children.)
'Hello boys and girls of the whole wide world I have a story I want to tell all of you."
It goes like this:
Once upon a time there lived a little boy name Gene in sleepy little town named Forest City, where the sun always
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Brooks responded, "Come to think of it, I never through of it that way before, they are a beautiful Apple Tree family." He continued, "Mrs. Johnson you made me realize cutting down apple trees is wrong.

They never hurt us. Trees provide us with all kinds of nutritious foods such as good tasting delicious apple pies". Mr. Brooks continued.
"They also help purify the air so that we all can breathe fresh oxygen and they make the outside look more beautiful."

Now that I see how beautiful these apple trees are, we are going to get out of the apple tree cutting business altogether".

In fact, we are going to start planting apple trees from this day forward throughout this beautiful town of Forest City."

Upon hearing what the tree cutters said to Mrs. Johnson about all of them the apple Tree Family was very happy. So much to the point that, they all reached into their apple trees and gave everyone the biggest reddish apple they had in there apple tree on that beautiful summer day.

Mr. Brooks and Tony had big smiles or their faces.

They both looked at Mrs. Johnson, all the little children and the beautiful Apple tree Family and waved them all goodbye then they both got back into their orange truck and drove off. PART
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