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“The Three Sovereigns for Sarah” movie was based off events in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. There were already problems with everyone in the town because everyone wanted more property than they owned. They were without a reverend for a while and ended up voting for a man that nobody really liked. What they needed was a reverend like Reverend Parris. Parris had two daughters, a wife, and a slave to watch his kids and make food along with some other tasks. From the beginning of the movie the youngest daughter was ill. One of the slaves had practiced voodoo in the past and was showing the reverend's daughters and the girls from the town how to look into their future or have all their unanswered questions answered. Everyday the youngest daughter …show more content…

During the meeting the oldest sister started to freak out, grab sticks from the fire pit and started to throw them. Once the men at the meeting calmed her down, she told them that there had been other women in the town practicing witchcraft and were hurting them. They decided that they would call these women into court to judge if they will be sent to trial or were innocent. Sarah’s oldest sister was third be called into court and her brother got word before the men came to take her to court. She was ill and old and she wouldn't have made it if she fled away from her home. Instead she went to court and used the Bible to plead her innocence. She was innocent, and the judges were thinking of letting her free because they didn't have enough proof. One of the girls started to act like Sarahs sister, Rebecca was was hurting her with witchcraft. Once that little girl started acting, all the other girls started to jump into the bandwagon. Instantly the judge changed his mind and sent her to trial. A few days after the reverend sent the sick daughter to live with kin but he didn't send the oldest daughter.
The next to be called to court was Sarah. When it was found out she was being accused of witchcraft, she was furious. Instead of fleeing, she started to read the Bible and once she was called to court she kept quoting from the Bible. As she was about to be let go, the girls started to act like …show more content…

Coincidentally, the mother and daughter that was accusing Sarah’s sisters of witchcraft was the same family that wanted their land. Merry, Sarah’s other sister, was the last of the sisters to be brought in accused of practicing witchcraft on the girls. At first she plead innocent and the girls started to act that Merry was hurting them. They threw her in jail with her two other sisters. They met another little girl and her mother that were thrown in jail also because they were accused of witchcraft. Her name was Dolly and she was there since the beginning of all this madness. Her mother had another baby on the way and the guards came in to help her take her baby. The baby died and the mother told Dolly before she left to tell the guards that she was a witch so they wouldn't hang her. The mother and Rebecca along with a couple other accused women were the first to get hanged.
Everyday the jail would get more and more people that were innocent thrown in jail because these girls wanted to keep acting and accusing everyone. The next to go from Sarah's sisters was Merry. Merry and Rebecca didn't have anything to say to the townspeople. Rebecca was dead from when the Bible was closed on her from the reverend. After Mary's death, the only sister alive was Sarah and she was sent off to a farm because the jail was too full. She was there

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