An Essay About The Berlin Wall

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The berlin wall was a major thing that has happened in history after the second world war. Germany was split in half with four sectors controlled by the Soviet Union controlling the east and with France, United Kingdom, and United States controlling the west. Since Berlin was the capital of Germany before and it being in east Germany being controlled by the soviet It has separated in to the east and west between allied and soviet powers. Between 1949 and 1960 herds of people with more than two million fled from East Germany with most going to West Berlin to receive freedoms they did not have in East Berlin or East Germany . In response to this the Soviet Union had started to make a wall that was completed in 1961, which East Berlin saying it was a anti-fascist protection rampart or a prevention of fascism to rise again.
On Saturday Aug. 12, 1961 the Berlin wall had first sprung up …show more content…

There are several museums and monuments dedicated to the history of the wall. One famous monument is a part of the wall that still stands called the East Side Gallery. This gallery is the largest open air gallery in the world and it stands as a remembrance to the wall before. The Berlin Wall Memorial is also a open air exhibition, and it shows how the wall was and how the berlin wall looked and how the border was set up. The memorial also has The Window of Memorial there and it portrays 130 people who were shot or died on the Berlin Wall. even though the wall is over 50 years old, the people of Berlin and Germany still celebrate it coming down and mourn the people who have died. politicians laid wreaths in commemorating the people who lost their lives on the 56th anniversary of the wall near the Chapel of Reconciliation. Monika Grütters said that "This is an elementary part of our collective, national culture of remembrance," reminding us that this has been a part of German history that will be

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