An Essay On Cosmetic Dentistry

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Today’s Dentistry not only deals with the dental problems, but also it makes significant improvements in the aesthetics of teeth or gum or thefunctions of the teeth. The cosmetic dental treatment process creates a lot of positive changes on the teeth or gums which ultimately improve the appearance of the teeth. A trained, experienced, and skilled Cosmetic Dentists can help the people to improve their appearance, smile, and confidence. In this modern age,the aesthetic-centered Cosmetic Dentistry is gaining a wide-range of papularity around the world. Glazing: This is meant to close the minute holes on the surface of a fired porcelain. In the process of dental glazing, the dentist spray a colourless glass powder over the fired crown surface…show more content…
Bridges are the artificial teeth which are fixed in between the existing teeth after the process of crowning. The bridges can be made of precious metals or other metals bonded to porcelain. Invisalign: Invisalign are clear, practically invisible braces that can gently straighten your teeth. They provide an effective and comfortable way to straighten your smile without the inconvenience of wearing heavy, metal braces. Invisalign braces are easy to take out for cleaning and don’t require a restriction on what type of foods to eat. They get the job done in less time with less Tooth countering or reshaping: In this method of treatment, any crooked, chipped or broken tooth, and odd-shaped tooth can be corrected by reshaping or fixing the tooth in the right position. When the teeth are brought into proper shape and position, they look beautiful. It's not uncommon for a tooth to be slightly longer or have a different shape than its neighbours. With a procedure called recontouring, your dentist can reshape the tooth so that it's a better match.Mild chips of enamel or mild alignment corrections can be done with composite fillings. The full conservative cosmetic dental procedures have greatly enhanced a dentist's ability to give their patients a better

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