An Essay On Dooms Day Preppers

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Currently there are around three million doomsday preppers in the world, just waiting for the day they have to rely on their resources. These people are sure that the day will come where they have to survive on their own. Doomsday preppers, have to try to find a way to fulfill every nutritional need as best as they can. It is important for them to fulfill every need so that they can try to live out whatever needed, if they do not then they will surely die. In order to do this they need to find a way to get something that has all these things mixed together, and it would save them time and a surplus of food to gather nutrients. Food will be very scarce and hard to find so they have to plan ahead and prepare to scavenge for healthy food. These preppers and other people that are interested in food planning may be intrigued to know that they don’t actually need food, they just need the nutrients gained from food. Rob Rhinehart and his friends may have come up with the perfect solution with their creation of Soylent. Soylent has twenty percent of all nutritional needs in just one drink. Soylent cost $2.69 a drink and it has four hundred calories per bottle. Each Soylent bottles shelf-life is two months and Soylent expires after a year. However, there may be some important considerations before replacing food entirely. …show more content…

In “The End of Food,” Lizzie Widdicombe uses ethos, pathos, and logos to convince her readers that although they can can buy Soylent to save money and still obtain all the nutrients needed, there may be other factors to consider before eliminating food

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