Vladek In Art Spiegelman's Maus

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In “Maus,”Art Spiegelman tasks himself with sharing the most accurate retelling of his father’s life story as well as that of he and his father. To achieve a most accurate depiction of he, his father, and their emotions throughout the novel, Spiegelman uses characters Anja and Mala. Both having been married to Vladek, Art’s father, give insight to Vladek, and impart the impression that no matter how stereotypical Vladek’s traits are, the traits unique to him. As Art’s mother, Anja also serves particular purpose in developing a fuller picture of his character. Both Anja and Mala also serve as agitating conflict between the nostalgic, hopeful past and the stressful present for Vladek while drawing a parallel of similar feelings between Art and his lost brother, Richieu. The two women are entry-points for the emotions of Art, Vladek, and their…show more content…
Married a year and a half after his first wife’s death, and the two are often arguing throughout the novel. Throughout it right up until her leaving, Mala is presented as a sort of yin to Vladek’s yang; she is his balance. When Vladek is being frugal and difficult in his demand for order, Mala is there to remind the reader others with similar history are not like Vladek and serve as an enabler of his ways. As Vladek makes claims of his strength and ability, she is there to present his weaknesses and dependancies. Through Vladek’s complaints about Mala and constant comparison to Anja, the reader is able to both get an idea of how insufferable it must be to live with him, but also how vulnerable and unsure he feels. In his retelling to Art, he tells about how Anja and he never left each other during their captivity despite being physically separated, and he follows this by comparing Mala leaving him with their savings. He often complains that Mala only wants money, and the comparison helps to bring out his doubts
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