Analysis Of Christopher Johnson Mcandless In Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

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Christopher Johnson Mcandles is really different from other characters. He might be considered as one of the few main characters in novels who actually existed in real life. After he graduated from college, he traveled almost all North America by himself, leaving no trace but a written note to his parents telling them he was going to a trip. At the end of the book, Christopher could be considered as a lunatic determined guy who was searching for something that may metaphorically be considered as forgiveness from God. Christopher McCandles died of starvation and his body was later found in an abandoned bus in Alaska. His actions and the settings described while the reader reads the book will not only develop a sensitive character but also a biased theme that will follow his footsteps. …show more content…

The author Jon Krakauer and other investigators truly did a great job connecting the plot to make a time line of Christopher’s trip. Jon information is therefore based on witnesses and facts rather than being based on the complete truth, which nobody knows nor will know. Jon uses important facts such as how Christopher did a lot of insane things to be basically erased from the map: “He changed his name, gave the entire balance of twenty-four-thousand-dollar savings account to charity, abandoned his car and most of his possessions, burned all the cash in his wallet”. (Krakauer. 1995). This facts not only helps Jon construct a Theme, but they will also help him construct this personality of Christopher that will eventually engage the

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