What Does Christopher Mccandless Mean In Super Tramp

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“Super Tramp” was the name used by Christopher McCandless to associate himself in his travels according to author Jon Krakauer. The letters that Christopher wrote back mentions himself as a guy who boasts of living a tramp life or life on the road. “All Hail the Dominant Primordial Beast! And Captain Ahab Too! Alexander Supertramp - May 1992” (Krakauer, 2011). It’s interesting that Into the Wild is a classic non-fiction tale of a rich, college-educated, academically excelling, bright and talented young man. During the last few days before his death in Yukon Territory, breathing his last breath of air, he finds the true meaning of happiness. “Happiness is only real when shared” (Into the Wild, 2011). I propose that Christopher McCandless was …show more content…

I would also like to say before I begin that Christopher was far ahead of his time and lived an idealist life which is hard to emulate in present world by any standards. Chris – as he was fondly called by her sister, made sure that every attempt to find him was in vain. He remained as meticulous in his preparation as he possibly could for spending a few months in the wilderness at Denali National Park. He seemed to find closeness and warmth in people after they stopped judging him and what assets he held. It is quite possible to refer Chris as retarded and insane because he let go of a worldly life and running after accumulating wealth. He was honest and frank in most of his words and never judged people or what they had to say to him. In the end, he only found a sense of fondness in the eyes of people he met on his road to …show more content…

Chris made conscious note of the people and his surrounding environment wherever he went. It is visible from his accounts found in the diary he wrote. “Thompson, Samel, and Swanson, however, are contumacious Alaskans with a special fondness for driving motor vehicles where motor vehicles aren’t really designed to be driven” (Krakauer, 2011). By the time Chris made his last footprints on civilized ground, he had realized that he was ready to take on the wild. The words he wrote in his diary during the last few days of his life – possible cause of his death unknown but assumed as from eating wild inedible cherries and lack of medical support, points at the end of his untimely

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