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Culture difference doesn’t always come easy. America is taught that we are superior and our media only covers what won’t affect our nation. The author of the article “Different is Just Different” is Suzanne Fisher Staples and her main idea is how important it is for people to understand the differences of another nation and culture. Different does not mean better or worse but helps us become more compassionate, media only covers what is convenient for the nation and women in Pakistan and Afghanistan are affected by poverty the most due to no education and no income. Being different gives us an opportunity to create a compassionate world and a better understanding of other nations and culture. Staples article provides some valuable information…show more content…
Staples spends time helping readers understand why poverty has affected mostly women in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Staples explains why poverty affects women in various ways. I agree with the information that she has provided to the reader and how women find it useless how to learn how. “It’s very difficult to motivate women to learn unless you provide a concrete reason.” (584) In Staples article, she gives an example of how it was hard to motivate the women in Pakistan and Afghanistan. She explains how the women aren’t willing to waste their time finding someone to care for their child and animals while they are being taught how to read. Staples is very informational about this topic in her article. What is more, I’ve noticed in society how women have more to lose than men. Once I went to Mexico for family vacation and I noticed how an elderly woman and her two children were asking for money and food. The way they were begging was mournful. One could easily tell that the elderly women nor the children had any type of job nor education they wouldn’t have been begging the way they did if they did. Staples mentions in her article that within the year’s poverty will get worse if the women don’t find a reason to learn and make money. On the other hand, I really like how Staples goes into detail when she talks about women and poverty. This information is helpful to other readers. This article gives helpful information about how…show more content…
She informed the reader and gave specific examples to back up her beliefs. She gives information helpful information about how different doesn’t mean better or worse, how the media doesn’t cover everything and the women in poverty. Although, I feel like the author could have gone a little more into detail and given more examples of how being different is just different. She did great by informing the reader of how poverty has a big impact on women in Pakistan and Afghanistan. On the other hand, I would recommend Staples article to anyone who finds non-fiction and personal life experience

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