Analysis Of George Whitefield's Article Towards Southern Slaveholders

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In George Whitefield’s article towards Southern Slaveholders, Whitefield expresses his terror towards the unhuman treatment of slaves by their Christian owners. Whitefield believes that as Christians, these slaveholders have the duty to care for their workers just as God calls upon them to do or else they will face the consequences for their sin. In this article, Whitefield’s purpose is to inform Christians of their sin in hope that they will change their treatment towards slaves. Whitefield article allows readers to view that his statements were meant to change the way slaves were treated by slave owners nonetheless he understands that buying slaves is sinful but legal. George goes on to compare the brutal treatment of slaves to the fair treatment of domestic animals by their owners. By making comparisons of the slaves to animals or groups of people from the bible, Whitefield’s purpose is to show Christians’ examples of God’s judgements for those mistreating their workers. Whitefield’s second main point of his article was the teaching of Christianity to slaves. He realized many of the slaveholders refused to educate their slaves in …show more content…

During this time period many of the colonist were not as focused on their religious duties as they had when beginning the colonies. Many Americans were in search for religious freedom leaving Britain, but as America progressed many lost devotion towards their religion. The colonists had their focus on goods, land and the ruling of their country. George Whitefield helped spark the movement of The Great Awakening by this article and by preaching thousands of sermons to save God’s calling. Whitefield explains the tragedies occurring in the colonies as Gods judgment towards their sin and their soon death if they are not saved. The fear of future disasters allowed colonist to pursue

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