Analysis Of Gregor The Overlander: An Adventure Below The Jungle, By Suzanne Collins

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Gregor the Overlander: An Adventure Below the Ground Think about this: your father mysteriously disappears, after which you end up living with an insane grandma and a wild sister, named Boots, in a small rundown apartment in New York. This is the strange life of Gregor the Overlander, a young boy who lives his life above ground. Until one day, Boots falls down a grate in the laundry room, and of course, Gregor jumps down after her. After many twists and turns down a large pipe, they enter a world of roaches, rats, bats, and humans that live in the underworld, all Gregor wants to do is get back to his family, but he realizes it is not as easy as he thought. With a strange prophecy on his shoulders, Gregor has to fight his way out with his …show more content…

This thrilling novel is fit for any young reader looking for a good action-packed story. Suzanne Collins was born on April 10, 1962 in Hartford, Connecticut (Suzanne Collins Biography). She never started writing till she was out of college and working to write scripts for children’s plays (Suzanne Collins Biography). In addition to writing The Underland Chronicles, Collins also wrote The Hunger Games and The Year of the Jungle (Suzanne Collins). Her intriguing books caught the eye of a movie director and her series, The Hunger Games Trilogy, hit the theaters in 2012 (Suzanne Collins Biography). Since September 8, the day of publication, The Hunger Games stayed on The New York Times bestselling list for 300 consecutive weeks (Suzanne Collins). Currently, Collins resides in Connecticut with her husband, Cap Pryor (an actor) and her two children (Suzanne Collins Biography) I like the use of cliff hanging chapter endings because they make you want to keep reading the novel. For example, "[Gregor]

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