Summary Of Karen Horney's Theory Of Neuroses

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Alfred Adler believed that, even though all children are born into the same family, they are not born into identical social environments, as a child born into a different birth order than the other had their caregiver treat them differently (Schultz & Schultz, 2008). Alder speaks about the differences between firstborn, second, middle, youngest child and only child (Schultz & Schultz, 2008).
An only child remains the centre of attention in the family, being surrounded by the elder parents, it would mould the child to become more mature, as they are influenced by their parents, even to a point of mimicking the attitudes of the parents (Schultz & Schultz, 2008)
This characteristic can be seen in both Draco and I. Draco seems to mimic his father speech and behaviour, he often threatens people with the phrase “My father will hear about this”, showing …show more content…

The three separate categories that Horney has identified is moving away, towards and against people (Kleinman, 2014). Draco and I are in separate categories, Draco seems to be moving against people and I seem to be moving away from people.
Draco ‘moves against others’ which is the neurotic defence which makes those who overuse this to strive for power and perfection, including to personally achieve a level of admiration to oneself (O'Connell, 1980). This defence mechanism is either a conscious or unconscious way to protect themselves and seek revenge, people who are against others are rebellious and do not trust other people’s intentions and feelings (Coolidge, Moor, Yamazaki, Steward, & Segal,

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