The Power Of Birth Order Kluger Summary

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In the article “The Power of Birth Order” by Jeffrey Kluger, I read about the impact of birth order has on families and who we will become. The power of birth order has an effect in every family, no one is immune. We saw what he meant when Kluger gave us an example of important people in the public eye. He started talking about the misfortune of many presidents’ younger siblings such as Elliot Roosevelt, Donald Nixon, Billy Carter, Roger Clinton, and Neil Bush. Although, their older brothers, Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George Bush became someone historical and responsible for the nation, their siblings didn’t run the same luck. The oldest has a head start, according to a research done in Norway firstborns are …show more content…

The Norway intelligence study also stated the IQ of the middle child usually rises after the first-born dies. Aside from intelligence differences, a study in the Philippines shows younger last siblings usually weigh less, and are shorter. An example will take from big brother Peyton Manning 6’ft 5in his younger Eli Manning 6ft 4in. Eli Manning is constantly proving himself so he can step away from his brother’s shadow. Families will invest more in the first-born giving those 100% their food, time, attention, and emotional nourishment limiting the resources for the middle child and receiving pressure for resources for their last born. Being the younger sibling makes you less powerful, but younger siblings gain universal knowledge from having an older sibling and develop what is known as the theory of mind. Later-born are aware, know how to distinguish things apart and have an assumption in people motives. The first and the last born have distinct traits, leaving the middle traits difficult to understand. Firstborn temperaments are conscientiousness and agreeableness. Later-born are outrageous, risk takers and

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