Analysis Of Langston Hughes's Essay Let America Be America Again

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When an individual supports their values and beliefs, they understand the results of standing behind them. This, however, is not the case for the citizens of the United States. Many Americans say that they are fully behind certain causes, but when they see their beliefs turn to reality, they are often surprised and shocked at the consequences because they initially never understood them. It is understood that we as citizens stand up for a country that honors truth, liberty, freedom and justice. But what if we are persuaded to think how they would like us to? What if we are being lied to repeatedly so the real truth seems completely far off? When America became independent, President George Washington said all men to be equal and for America to never engage in foreign entanglement. As we know today, that hasn’t been the case throughout the course of our nation’s history. …show more content…

He relates to the article, Liberty of Land when expressing his ideas on how America was supposed to be. A glorious country with no tyranny and corruption, equality is a birth given right for each individual and bounty full of opportunities for all. But who was the person that was in search for their lost American dream? He was an old white man that was forgotten, the Native American who was driven out of his land, the refugee who was looking for a second chance. He was the black man who was discriminated; he represented the hungry, the weak and the ones who never had a chance. He came from another land, with fewer opportunities, to get his old American dream. Though his chances might be slim, his will is strong. After all he is the one who haven’t forgotten the price of

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