Langston Hughes And Cullen Analysis Essay

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Hughes and Cullen Poetry Analysis Langston Hughes was a black writer during the harlem renaissance who wrote poetry and other papers. Hughes wrote a poem called A Dream Deferred. That poem is about what happens when a dream is deferred. Another writer during the harlem renaissance is Countee Cullen. Cullen wrote a poem called For a Poet. The poem is about how Cullen has treated his dreams. The poems by Hughes and Cullen discuss similarities in dreams, but they are different in the way they are written, how they should be spoken and the emotion that is produced by them. The way in which each of the writers, Hughes and Cullen, write has differences and similarities. Hughes writes his poem I, Too in an aggressive way. He states “They send …show more content…

Hughes uses a more emotional stand. His poems are read with an anger. Cullen's poems use more of an informational approach. He likes to state his opinion using a play on words. Hughes and cullen both state their opinion using poetry but they don't both are read with the same types of emotion. Hughes and cullen both use an underlying emotion to write their poetry. Hughes uses anger and force. Cullen uses a more informational and calm approach. Hughes uses strong descriptively forceful phrases like “fester like a sore” or “stink like rotten meat” when writing to gross out the reader but also to entice them to read more. Cullen who also uses descriptive language goes for a more calm approach using phrases like “silken cloth” or box of gold.” Cullen uses less visual description and more of a mental description. He pushes a happy feeling with a box of gold wrapped in a silken cloth and then makes the reader sad when he says that he has laid them away. Hughes and cullen both are descriptive but they don't describe in the same way.
The poem by Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen are very different in the way they portray emotion, how they should be read and the way in which they are written but they are very similar in the main theme and that is

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