Essay On Is The American Dream Still Alive

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Many people have asked them self if The American dream still alive? As many ask them self this question many do say it’s still alive but many say it’s not. They have provent why The american dream is alive still. But in fact The American Dream is still alive for many Immigrants and other people that live in the United states. Many have come to this states, because they see that The American Dream Can help them better their lives. Inmigrantes see the American Dream as a way of better their live for them self and their families An finding a better future. First there is many thing that actually support the believe in The American dream is still alive. For example, Bob Miglani states that “I believe that the American dream is alive in each of us who wish to move forward and make a contribution to the place we work and to those we love. It is what we make of it” Bob came from the India and and came to America to achieve much more then he was achieving in the India. His believe in the American dream was strong enough to make him achieve something he want too. So he believe that the whole American dream falls is as a person you want to achieve something you work for it. Secondly, the American …show more content…

Although they have has i has time taking care of their family in their out nation because of the lack of jobs and the amount of education given to the is so basic. They need something better that can help their families have a better live for example when the article ‘’The American dream is alive and well’’ it is saying that not just for immigrants the dream is alive be also for some american For example “ 70% of the immigrant protain to the American as away of freedom and bettering their life’’. That id not just the idea of it been live but it always they see it to better their life and their families live

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