Analysis Of Margaret Thatcher's Eulogy Speech For Ronald Reagan

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Ronald Reagan was America’s 40th president who lead our nation through The Cold War, one of the most intense time in the history of America as they fought against communism. In Margaret Thatcher’s eulogy speech for Ronald Reagan(2004), she elucidates what a kind and powerful man he was, unifying a formerly divided nation. Margaret expresses that Reagan’s leadership was the key to ending The Cold War. She adopts a solemn and sentimental tone in order to appeal to the american people after the death of one of america's most inspirational presidents. Thatcher uses repetition, strong diction, and ethos in order to illustrate what an influential president Ronald Reagan was.
Thatcher uses repetition throughout the eulogy to immensely enforce Reagan’s accomplishments and the greatness in which he approached different situations. For example,in lines 30-36, Thatcher repeats the word “others” excessively to show the many doubts the world people had before his presidency, fearing that he would not be capable of leading a nation during times of crisis. Thatcher juxtaposes those fears and beliefs by listing the many times he proved them wrong and successfully handled the numerous problems during his presidency. Later in her speech she utilizes this tactic again by reiterating “he” through lines 59-64 in order to …show more content…

Thatcher used repetition to move her audience with Reagan’s achievements, strong artful diction to convey his optimism and leadership, and ethos to validate her claims and connect with the audience. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher worked together multiple times as the president of the United States and the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Her eulogy seemed heartfelt and sincere, a way of saying goodbye to one of her dear friends, but her speech might have been all in hope of maintaining an alliance with the United States Of America by glorifying one of America’s greatest

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