Analysis Of Marge Piercy's Barbie Doll

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Marge Piercy, is a famous author who is known for many of her writings. One of her most famous poems is titled "Barbie Doll". "Barbie Doll", is a poem that expresses some of her reasonings of being a feminist and the reason why she chose to stand up for the rights of women all over the world. She was the voice for many women that rather not be placed in a particular category, stating how they should or should not appear. With "Barbie Doll", she tried to break many sterotypical bonds that was keeping women from expressing themselves and showing who they really were. Her goal was to make us feel and look as equal as anyone one else of the opposite sex that we encountered. And to not just be known for being prissy and a little to afraid to get down and dirty, and take on some of the roles that a man…show more content…
In "Barbie Doll", Marge Piercy, used one of her lines as a perfect example ("So she cut off her noses and her legs and offered them up") to help understand exactly what I mean. Many women understands and accept that they will never be accepted. On the other hand there are women that would rather die in order to not be judged. Sometimes they literally do so. There are many reports of death of women that turmed to cosmetic surgery to approve their appearance. In most cases this is a success and others, they could end up looking way more worse than ever before. It all depends on who you can afford to perform the surgery. Whether ot not you can afford a good doctor, or not also can help those with in society determine their financial status, which can also led you to being judged by society. Which only make matters much worse on your end then they were before. Nowadays, being intelligent does not mean much to our peers within our age range. You can be as smart as anyone else in the world, but if you lack the perfect looks than your intelligence could possibly go
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