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Beauty Comes With Benefits The general argument made by Sidney Katz in his work, “The Importance of Being Beautiful,” is that someone’s physical appearance affects all aspects of their life. Katz reports that people judge others by their appearance other than their intelligence, therefore beautiful people have a shortcut through life. This is called the halo and horn effect. Katz himself wrote, “The halo and horns effect come into play beginning with birth and continues throughout the various stages of life.” An infant 's physical appearance may affect how much attention it gets, causing the infant to have mental issues later on in life. In schools, teachers often tend to rank their student by appearance causing the attractive kids to get better grades. Katz also reports, that good-looking students in college are more likely to receive a better grade than the less alluring…show more content…
Last week I read an article that claimed that nerds were more successful. In the article, talent, intelligence and working hard, led the nerds to great success. Most nerd are not appealing and are an unpopular group at most schools. In my opinion being smart can be as powerful or even more powerful than beauty. A teacher may rank students by intelligents as they do with appearance. An intelligent person can go to a big university, then get a high paying job that they are fully qualified for. In his article, Katz maintains that, “People viewing individuals who are romantically linked to an attractive person try to make sense of the association.” I agree with Katz in his statement, i see couples all around with an attractive girl with a less appealing guy and it makes total sense. In the end less appealing people that are intelligent can have an easy life like Beautiful people
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