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In Paul Ford’s “How to Be Polite” he argues that politeness is essential to success and self-development, thus creating opportunities that would otherwise not exist. He’s right being polite creates opportunities, but there are times where being unpolite can do the same. I think that being rude can also bring success and new opportunities depending on the situation. Many jobs are in demand for professional, stern, leaders, and by being polite one’s kindness may be taken as a weakness, which can hinder things from getting done effectively. My thesis is important because it’s essential to have a balance between being both polite and unpolite to prevent being taken for granted but to also prevent you from burning your bridges with others. In “How…show more content…
Being unpolite is a practice that can benefit people who are usually taken for granted. First, I look at teachers, those I consider the main group who in general can benefit from being unpolite. Throughout school, they were the prime example of how even the slightest amount of politeness can lead to your kindness being taken as a weakness. I personally witness teachers struggling to gain control of their classes because students found them too lenient but I also witness students having panic attacks because their teachers were strict. The students would constantly test teachers to see how much they could get away with and once they figure out the teacher’s tolerance the reputation memo spread throughout the school. Teachers who were stern tend to have well-behaved classes with little to no disruptions whereas the friendlier teacher was constantly calling the principal and dealt with disrespectful students on the daily basis. It was remarkable how as a student I could tell the difference and determine which classes would be easy and which I would need to focus in just from the amount of politeness a teacher…show more content…
Look at the entertainment industry where people get paid thousands, sometimes millions of dollars to criticize and express their brutally honest opinions to the world. Producers are in demand for these people because their impoliteness makes them the perfect candidates to be judges on game shows, gossipers on talk shows, and the sole providers of drama in reality television. One show that instantly comes to mind is American Idol, this show only seemed to be interesting to me when producer Simon Cowell was at the judge’s table. Cowell’s blunt unpredictable responses and faces of disgust made the show hilarious even if it was at the expense of someone else suffering. Viewers craved Cowell’s rudeness and tuned in often to witness it, making American Idol a hit show. Wendy is the name of a popular talk show where host Wendy Williams literally gets paid to sit down, talk about celebrities, and dish out all their secrets. Williams exposes everything she can get her hands onto, from personal things to financial things, she leaves no stone unturned. Being a jerk is Williams job and she’s good at it and she’s rich because she’s able to have no remorse or sympathy for her fellow celebrities. People in the industry know this is what get views, people who can step up and say whatever they feel without any remorse make the show and that’s why this

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