Analysis Of Prospero Aprigga And Hocus Pocus

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The article “Prospero, Aprigga, and Hocus Pocus” written by Barbara A. Mowat is about Prospero’s complexity and in the way his magic can be seen. Mowat in this article is arguing that Prospero is complex, and this is seen in the complex way his magic is demonstrated in his language. She shows the way Prospero is read by critics including the images of a Renaissance philosopher-magus, quintessential magus, other worlds of magic, and the view of the mortal Prospero. She also does this by putting Prospero in these images that were seen historically in the time the play was written. Furthermore, Mowat supports the key parts of Prospero’s magic including his study and knowledge from his books that support him as the Renaissance philosopher-magus.

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