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The Inuit throat singing Tanya Tagaq describes is a very strange thing. In Pump up the Volume Tanya Tagaq Adds New Sound to a Centuries-Old Women’s Cultural Tradition by Megan Perry, Tagaq says “throat singing isn’t a sound that’s easy to describe, even for Tanya Tagaq, so she relies on comparisons” and ends up describing the sound, saying “it’s breath, it’s rhythm. To be very, well, pompous about it, it’s like the sushi of sound” (Perry 22). This style of music, or vocal games as ethnomusicologist Kay Kaufman Shelemay translates the meaning of katajjaq to be. Shelemay says this sound is made by two women in the game from the “rapid breathing in and out” which enables them to produce two additional sounds called voiced and voiceless sounds” (Shelemay 28). One way Tagaq differs from the traditional style of this throat singing is …show more content…

Another way Tagaq has altered the Inuit throat singing tradition is by “she also chooses a turntablist over a singing partner, writhing to the beat as she uses her breath to deliver complicated rhythms” which goes along with her choice of making the musical style a solo as she is removing a partner for a turntable beat and rhythm instead (Perry 23).
Although this is considered an Inuit throat singing style by many, some members of the first nation Inuit believe she is bad for their tradition. Some elders of the Inuit tribe have voiced their concern over what Tagaq does, saying “they’d like to preserve the most traditional elements of Inuit throat singing” by suggesting that “throat singers should only sing songs they are taught in the way they are taught

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