Analysis Of Seamus Heaney

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Seamus Heaney is one of the pioneers of the 20th century English poetry. He belongs to the illustrious literary tradition of Ireland, which includes writers like W.B Yeats, James Joyce, Patrick Kavanagh and William Carleton. Seamus Heaney is grouped with the neo-Romantic tradition and the foundation of Heaney’s poetry is the “eco-consciousness of the aesthetic of space”. Heaney’s view of poetry has been ecologically informed and he defines poetry in terms of the natural as well as divine images. Key Words:Ethnic culture, Eco-space,Postcolonialism, Ego-centrism, Celtic tradition, Gaia. Introduction Colonial attitude of limitless progress at the expense of nature had redefined the cultural as well as the linguistic paradigms of Ireland for many centuries. The ecological attitudes of Ireland had undergone radical changes as a result of European invasion and settlement. Seamus Heaney tries to create an eco-space in his poetry firmly grounding his beliefs and attitude in the native ethnic culture Ireland. It seems that the cultural displacements as a result of the colonization have resulted in modifying his ecological sensibilities. The European rationality of mastering and exploiting nature is questioned by Heaney. A close analysis of his poems would underline the fact that instead of imitating the egocentrism of European modernity, he attempts to reinforce the ecological tradition of the old world order. Discussion Seamus Heaney belongs to the illustrious literary

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