Analysis Of Shane Koyczan's Poem To This Day

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The poem “To This Day” by Shane Koyczan is to make the readers understand that there is hope for the ones who got, or even get bullied in school. Bullying happens every day in a regular school day and probably not on school days. “So we grew up believing that no one would ever fall in love with us, that we’d be lonely, forever.” (Line 23) The poet explains how by the countless names that the bullied endured, he thought no one could ever properly love the mistreated. “He tried to kill himself in grade ten when a kid who could still go home to mom and dad had the audacity to tell him; / Get over it.” (lines 54-56) The poet makes it known that the poem is not told in a happy mood nor can it be. The poet also includes different life tragedies and

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