Analysis Of Should Community College Be Free? By Joanne Jacobs

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Community college has been a blessing for lower income students such as myself, but, the way it stands right now is the way it should remain. In the article Should Community College be Free? written by Joanne Jacobs there are various opinions with the topic of the first two years of community college being free and the effects towards this idea. This topic has been a discussion question since as long as I can remember but wasn’t truly brought to the table until our previous president Barack Obama stated it in his State of the Union address as he proposed to make the first two years of community college ‘as free and universal in America as high school is today’. This would initially cost the economy “...$60 billion over 10 years”, after learning about how America was during the Great Depression I propose that community college shouldn’t be free for the first two years due to the economy dropping dramatically, community college waitlists being …show more content…

But in reality, like Deborah Santiago states “ colleges will end up with long waiting lists”, and the waiting lists don’t only include to get into the school, but as well as just to get into a class. When people hear the word “free” they immediately want to sign up but in reality don’t know what they’re getting into. When admitted into college one must attend orientation where you’re given the option to choose the classes for your major. Like the college, there are waiting lists for the classes you might need to take to stay on track, with community colleges being free, the numbers of attendance will increase dramatically which means one won’t be able to get into the classes they need or be waitlisted for those classes. This is just one of the effects of free college, another that will be a lot worse is, being waitlisted just to attend community college, which is

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