Four Year College Argument Analysis

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Over the past few years, there have been many arguments on the status of the original four-year college path, and how for most people, you only need to attend a two-year community college or take a few online courses to earn your degree. In Murray’s text, the classic four-year college experience is being challenged by recent findings that state it only take two years to learn the material necessary for a degree. From Murray’s examples, we can see that the internet is a little bit to blame for the deterioration of brick-and-mortar style colleges. It’s clear to see that through Murray’s text, his overall perspective is that within a few years time, the classical method of actually attending a four-year college or university will be considered …show more content…

Even in Liz Addison’s text, “Two Years are Better than Four”, she argues that “The community college system is America’s hidden public service gem” (Addison, 257). There are so many

Dixon 2 community colleges across the country that offer the two-year degree path, but not many people know about them, so you can go to a two-year community college and still get a degree. Not to mention, this opens a new door for opportunity for people that don’t want to spend four-years earning a degree either because of time or money issues. If you look back at Murray’s text, it goes on to talk about how some careers dont even require four years of education to get some jobs, although it does require that you get at least a bachelor's’ degree to be considered good at those jobs.
Community college introduces those students who would never even dream of having the college experience, in an easier way. It could be used as a gateway to see if you would

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