Analysis Of Sightseeing By Rattawut

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‘Sightseeing’ is written by Rattawut about the dishonesty and betrayal between the narrators and their best friends. The main feature is the changing relationships between the friends which are broken down. In ‘Draft Day’ Rattawut uses present tense and first person narrative to write the story in order to make the reader feel that they are in the scene and to understand better the thoughts and feelings of the narrator. This story is in short sentences which is simple and refers to the piece of memory that is broken down into the short parts. The narrator and Wichu are best friends as shown by the quote “Wichu has been my best friend all my life’’. The quote is made very early in the story because it is important to the plot. It gives the reader a hint that perhaps this friendship will be threatened as the story progresses. Perhaps the writer is foreshadowing the fact that this friendship will not last forever. Another quote “He needed my prayers more than I needed his” shows that the narrator knows something that Wichu doesn’t know. This increases the tension for the reader, as we know there is a secret. The word “prey” has a religious connotation which suggests that there will be a sin committed later. As the story progresses Rattawut uses Wichu’s mother as a symbolic device to make the reader feel more sympathy for Wichu. The narrator says that “She kissed me as she kissed her own son” which shows that she trusts the narrator to take care of Wichu. She
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