Summary Of Snow Fall Isn T The Future Of Journalism

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A story. An idea. A change in journalism. Many people have read an article about an avalanche and tried to determine the future of journalism, but should their assumption actually come true? In the article, “‘Snow Fall’ Isn’t the Future of Journalism,” Derek Thompson opposes the idea that journalism will move into the digital world. He believes that the process involves and takes too long for everyday news. Despite the fact that it would be very interesting to readers, the need for series of facts and details is not necessary.. In the next article, “‘Snow Fall’ Tells a Story About an Avalanche and a Newspaper’s Digital Progress,” Margaret Sullivan addresses the topic of ‘Snow Fall’ opening journalism up to a digital era. She notes that many …show more content…

However, one may believe that journalism is fine the way it is. According to Derek Thompson, the project itself took six months and involved multiple different people working on it, such as a design team of 11, a photographer, three video people, and a researcher (1). The amount of people working on it came out to 16 people in total. Notably, everyday there would be news so realistically, time is too short to involve all the graphics and workers for multiple stories. The whole process takes too much time and by the time people do receive the story, it would be stale; old news. Not only will it be old ¨breaking¨ news, but also, this type of digital journalism appears to be inappropriate in some cases. According to Margaret Sullivan, “‘Snow Fall’ Tells a Story About an Avalanche and a Newspaper’s Digital Progress,” Bob Dowling thought that having visuals for stories on shootings of children and including detailed facts on how it looked and behind the mechanics of the weapons seem unsuitable for everyday news (2). Overall, a quick summary of an incident that occurred is enough for the readers. They do not need every fact and every detail because the time needed to complete the story is very short and can trigger those who do not want to see the harsh reality behind it. Conclusively, what Derek Thompson argues is that ‘Snow Fall’ does not condemn journalism to being digital news in the future. After all, not every story is meant to be reported to the full extent because time stands short, stories grow old, and can be very unfitting for digital

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