Analysis Of Suspended Because Of An Online Viral Video About Bullying

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Suspended because of a Online Viral Video About Bullying
In the article it talks about a high school student, Emily Gipson, that uploads a viral video called “Welcome to Lebanon High School” about anti-bullying. Her school suspends her for “trying to incite violence.” Throughout the video she asks the viewers watching to treat people better. She explains the awful and vicious comments she hears daily. A student that attended the high school took their own life due to the comments and actions that were pointed towards them. The recent suicide at the school is what prompted Emily to make and upload the video. The principal of the high school, Scott Walters, says he can’t discuss Emily punishment but he says Emily filmed the video in a teachers classroom without permission. Emily’s guardian is all for the cause of her video, but he gets where the principal is coming from when he talks about her using the classroom without permission.
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My family has always provided me with nice articles of clothing and other things of that nature. People all throughout middle school would call me rich and singled me out from everyone else. I was not liked by many kids at my school and everyone always had to make comments about what I was wearing to how my hair looked. Kids would constantly ask me “Oh how much did this cost.” I wanted to be treated the same. Just because my parents bought me nicer things than others made me no different. I lost many friends throughout my middle school experience because of the names I was being called. Many people didn’t want to associate with me because they didn’t want to get made fun of

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