Analysis Of Teens Againsts Hitler By Lauren Tarshis

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In the story Teens againsts Hitler By Lauren Tarshis is about a boy named Ben Kamm who survived and experienced the harsh fel events of the Holocaust, and how he joined the partisans and fought back and saved many Jews from the horrifying events of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was an event that Hitler a German leader placed upon his own country. Hitler placed knowledge on many believing that he was one of germany's best leaders in the text it states some reasons about how Hitler became a german leader and how it effected germany, “Germany has been struggling since 1918, when it was defeated in World War I. The German people felt humiliated, tired, and bitter. Hitler and his Nazi party rose to power by tapping into these feelings. Hitler …show more content…

The evidence in the passage that supports the disasters in the ghetto are, “Rage at the Nazis burned inside Ben as conditions in the ghetto became increasingly deplorable. One day, a policeman drove through the streets with a smile on his face, firing his gun. He killed a pregnant woman. An epidemic of typhus swept through the crowded apartments, killing thousands. Bodie piled up in the streets. Each resident was allotted a tiny ration of food that was barely a tenth of what a person should eat each day.” This shows that many people that weren't jews especially the police and nazis didn't care about how many died they didn't care how many were sick they didn't care about what they did and what they ate and how they starved. All they cared about was killing the Jews. because of this many Jews passed just trying to walk the streets just trying to get better just trying to eat and helping their family survive. These disasters did take place they did happen, and many died. To the german people they were winning they had thought that it would be easier because of the lives lost in the ghetto.(8-9)The most devastating, and most affected was how the ghetto ( a tiny space for over a thousand people had to live and suffer in, a wall around them and no food, no space, and now medicine. The Jews …show more content…

During the Holocaust the partisans showed great courage this is shown in many different areas in the passage. “Tens of thousand of people, including the jews, were fighting back against the Nazis. They were called partisans…. Some were hardened fighters. Others were teenagers-mostly boys but a few girls as well. They blew up factories, sabotaged railroads, stole weapons shipments, and upset the flow of supplies to german troops.In several partisan forest camps, fighters also protected large numbers of jewish families who had escaped the ghettos… fought German troops and ran sabotage missions, though their focus was protecting a community around 1,200 jewish men,women, and children… Learn to shoot, to fall asleep on the cold forest ground, o ender days in the rain- soaked clothing, and to ambush polish policemen and steal their weapons. Danger lurked everywhere in the hostile countryside, where o\poles could earn rewards for turning in Jews to the Nazis.” In these sentences and paragraphs it shows the experience, and why and how the partisans were helping the jews through the war. This helped a lot because in the end lots of families survived. All who fought against the partisans who murdered were punished for

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