The Value Of The American Dream

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For a great amount of United States citizens know about the American Dream, and everyone set it as their life target. The American Dream is a national known character of the United States, the main ideas are the focus on democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity, and equality. The American Dream is about freedom that includes the opportunity for success and prosperity for family and children in the society, through hard work. The American Dream is tied to the Declaration of Independence, which claims the point “all men are created equal” with the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The American Dream is not about how rich you are it is about the environment where people were born or position that they stand. Many immigrants saw the Statue of the Liberty when they have their first view of United States. The statue represents new opportunities in life and it is an iconic symbol of the American Dream. Tan, Amy points out the meaning of American Dream in an interview that it is to provide citizens to choose their own way of living and the freedom to build up their own identity. There is no limit on the value of how people be themselves. They can be as crazy as they want, as creative as they want …show more content…

However, both of them have different thoughts and explanation. The idea of the American Dream in Tan’s vision is more about the freedom that citizens can have. Moreover, it is a way or direction on how people want to build up their life stories and also the freedom of living creatively in the society. On the other hand, Hume focused more on people’s position and their economy. Hume thinks that parents back in the past thinks that if their children achieve a higher position in the society and have a higher waged job with a better living environment. Tan proposed a more freedom focused definition however, Hume focused more on people’s position and economic development in the

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