Analysis Of The Atlantic Article: Is Google Making USupid

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Are We Depending Way Too Much on The Internet?

Are Millennials depending too much on the internet that we cannot be independent without it? Millennials are dependent on the internet so much in a way we are starting to lose basic skills. However, we live in a current society in which the usage of the internet is very vital that we cannot do much without it. In Nick Carr, The Atlantic Article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, Carr uses different illustrations throughout the essay to conclude how the internet has drastically reprogram our minds over the years.
Nick Carr tells the readers how reading off the internet has affected how he retains information and can barley read due to his short attention span over the years. In the first paragraph, …show more content…

The use of the internet causes our brains to get smaller and we depend too much on the internet doing basic work that we should usually do ourselves. In my observation, I would notice instead of adding and subtracting, multiplying, or dividing numbers on my hand and paper, I would now use a calculator to quickly find the answer. This is good and bad because most schools currently would allow calculators on exams for this specific reason and to not waste time, but also this can cause us of getting out of the habit of doing these simple skills that we should know instead of depending on the technology to do it for us. Furthermore, I also notice this with reading books for an assignment and how instead of reading a whole entire book for an essay for a class, I would most likely just look up the summary, and the main points of the book online and just paraphrase and make it into my own words. This also has advantages and disadvantages. Using the internet to mostly write a paper is a bad idea because just like a movie most of the key points/ important details that are in the reading will probably not be in the summary. However, using this tool can be very good for people who have short attention spans and is a useable way for dealing with time

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