Analysis Of The Novel, Krik? Krak ! By Edwidge Danticat

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What gives someone hope in a world of death and despair? Is it a mother, or a child? Can the generations of your family give hope in a world of darkness? Edwidge Danticat, author of, Krik? Krak!, answers this. Danticat suggests the only way to find hope in a place of despair is from the generations of your family that have come before and after. Krik? Krak! portrays the stories of fictional Haitian character’s struggles and how they overcome great odds through hope.
The death of a parent causes devastating pain and can leave many hopeless. Though remembering that hope exists through the next generation can keep you going . An example of hope through the next generation is presented in chapter “Nineteen Thirty-Seven”. In the year 1937 a pregnant daughter (who is referred to only as “Manman”, meaning mother) and her mother had to flee the Dominican Republic to Haiti during the Parsley Massacre. To escape they had to venture across the river that functions as a border between the two countries. The daughter successfully crosses the river. However, as the daughter fled to safety, she would gaze upon the sight of her mother being hacked apart by a machete and violently cast into the river. Subsequently, Manman would give birth to her own daughter, Josephine, later in the day. Instead of being completely devastated by her mother 's traumatic death, Manman found hope through her own daughter. Danticat illustrates this as Manman says , “At least you came out at the right moment

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