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The book The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman is about a families life during World War II. It is mainly about how Antonina had an impact on many people’s life. It starts off telling what the zoo looks like in great detail. It talks about how the young animals get to stay in the villa with them and Rys and Antonina help take care of them. They go to a cabin they have in the woods because they get news that the Germans are going to invade Poland next. Antonina says that she wants to move to a country with no military interests. Then she goes further and says that it is basically impossible for that to happen. Then Jan comes to bring them back home to spend some time with him before he is sent to fight in the front. They see that the zoo had…show more content…
She loves the animals so much that when they were sick or too little they stayed in the villa. It shows this when it says, “Not even the villa’s living room was off limits to the animals. Across the room, a large wooden credenza displayed book, periodicals nests, feathers, small skulls, and eggs.”(23) I think that this is an example of how she cares for them so much because you have to really love and care for the animals to let them live with you. Especially because they aren’t like normal pets. Some of them are baby polar bears and lynxes. Even when the animals are basically taking over the villa she makes sure they are having the best life they can. Another example of how much Antonina loved animals is on page 26. It says, “Jan, a devoted scientist, credited Antonina with a great deal of sympathy when it came to animals: she is so sensitive, she’s almost able to read their minds. She becomes them, a way of observing and understanding animals that is rare, a sixth sense.”I feel that this show how much she cares for animals because she understands them in a way that nobody else can. She always pays attention to them like they are her children and put their needs before hers. It shows this when it says, “I’ll take your most important animals to Germany, but I swear I’ll take good care of them… Please think of your animals as a loan, and immediately after the war I’ll return them to…show more content…
On page 43 it says, “They started talking seriously about sending Rys somewhere safer, to a town with no military interest, if such a place existed.”I felt that this showed how she put Rys before herself because she is willing to stay in a town with war and send Rys somewhere safe. Even though that means he’s away from his family he would be safe and it would be easier for one to travel than for three to. Another example of is how much Antonina wanted Rys to have a normal life during the war, like when they had to move out of Warsaw to an old schoolhouse. When becoming Christmas time she was doing her best to make it feel like a Christmas in the zoo. On page 299 it says, “This Christmas Eve 1944, as Rys headed for the woods with Zbyszek, he announced to Antonina that children should have a little fun” a while later the boys came back dragging two small fir trees. This shows how much she cares for Rys because she was trying to make it feel like a Christmas at the zoo. Even though there were things to get done in their temporary home; like having enough to eat and firewood to keep warm, she let them go out and have some fun and she did all the work by herself. My last example is on page 275. It says, “Sleep surrendered to war, and for 23 nights she forced herself to stay awake, terrified that she might doze off and not hear a noise, however tiny, that signaled danger.” This shows

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