Analysis Of Tone Mura 'Walked On The Face Of Earth'

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I get a lot of people telling me “but you have no accent”. I feel like it 's a compliment at first, but then I feel guilty for it because their compliment also implies that people with broken English are less educated. Since United States doesn’t have an influential culture of Turkish immigration, I can not relate to the experiences of African or Asian Americans in institutions of higher education.I can only present my humble opinion as an international student who just moved to a country where the language is not my native language.TONE Mura strikes me as a very opinionated person in this essay. His bluntness and the accounts of many students makes his essay formidable and the thesis clear. Conclusively, I think Mura takes a quite solid points but is also biased. He is constantly scapegoating Wallace, which is appropriate considering how obnoxious he is towards students of color; however; someone who is not familiar with Wallace’s work may be done with this essay thinking Wallace is the most racist writer that walked on the face of Earth.
GENRE As for the genre, I would identify this essay as a think-piece. Mura is very open about what he thinks of David Wallace. It is also a collection of the experiences of students of color, a secondary resource one can go back to. These accounts of students, along with Mura’s own experiences as an “honorary white” and as someone people assume a non-native speaker, lets us understand several aspects of this corruption in MFA programs.

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