Analysis Of 'Uptown Funk And Rock Around The Clock'

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I have chosen “ Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and “ Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Haley as this assessment ‘s topic. Basic information of two songs will be mentioned first, then similarities, differences and connections will be discussed afterwards. First of all, Bruno Mars is a songwriter and popular singer who came from Hawaii, and he released “Uptown Funk” on 2014 , it won the Grammy award for Record of the Year. It is a pop, funk boogie with Minneapolis song. “ Uptown Funk” is talking about how a guy looking good , wearing jewelry and branded shoes , talking about how hot the singer is and how rich he is also it shows the exciting social life of the singer. Uptown means the more northward part of center city literally, it also have a meaning …show more content…

The beat of the song is regular , even and repetitive as well, the rhythm is so energetic and danceable. The song has a steady beat and the speed is allegro which means it is at a jogging pace. Talking about dynamics , the volume is not consistent . It is loud at the beginning and it goes quitter at the end. The drop in dynamics does add to the interpretations of the song. And the texture of the song is homophonic and it does not change throughout the …show more content…

He acts frivolously and whistles to hot girls in the street . My favorite part is when the song setted as 80s scene , it looks so classic and appealing. Secondly, “ Rock around the clock” by Bill Haley and His Comets (a Country and Western band from Philadelphia) is covered in 1954, which considered to be the first rock and roll song on the Billboard charts , and it is one of the major rock and roll songs of the 1950s , still ranked as Top 10 best-selling singles. This song was known by a longer title – “We ‘ re Gonna Rock Around The Clock.” This song may seems unexceptional today , but in era, it was a guarantee of selling , providing a break with the current situation and establishing pop music to a new era. Bill Haley( William John Clifton Haley) was an American rock and roll musician, his left eye turned blind by accident , but did not drag down his steps on pursuing music . Bill Haley and the Comets performed this song on the Texaco Star Theater on May 31,1955 in NBC. This was one of the earliest nationally performance on TV by a rock n roll band , offering innovative musical genre to audience. “ Rock Around The Clock” was introduced into the Grammy Hall of Fame , it is a special award established in 1973 to honor recordings that have “ qualitative or historical

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