Analyzing David Brooks 'Honors Code'

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In article called, “Honors Code” by David Brooks, there was a boy named Henry V and he is one of Shakespeare's most appealing characters. Henry was rowdy and energetic when young, then turns courageous as he gets older. But in Brooks article, Henry V went to an American school, where teachers find him difficult to manage in class and wanted his parents to put him on medication for “attention deficit hyperactive disorder”. As he grew older, he lost interest in trying and his grades would plummet, he would rebel if the culture was uber-nurturing, and day by day, he’d look completely adrift. “School have to engage people as they are”, this means that teachers should change the environment to fit the need of every student whether they have a disorder or not. When teachers …show more content…

Schools need to change the environment if they want students with ADHD to re-engage in class. Don’t make them feel different, they are unique in their own ways. In Brooks article he says, “School have to engage people as they are. That requires leaders who insist on more cultural diversity in school: not just teachers who celebrate cooperation, but other teachers who celebrate competition; not just teachers who honor environmental virtues, but teachers who honor military virtues...”, he is saying that schools needs to teach kids as they are and to keep in mind that not everyone is the same, physically and mentally. This can be connected to Judith Butler’s article, “Phylosophe”. The two articles can be connected because in Butler’s article he talks about a kid who does not comply with the norm. Not school norms but gender norms. Butler’s article is about a boy who lived in Maine his whole life and he walked a certain way which a feminine would

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